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Website Design and More...

It's rarely just a case of 'throwing a website together' for your business; there are so many other issues to consider from designing your logo to e-commerce, SEO and content management. At McQueen's we can offer a variety of packages to suit your needs.

Friendly, approachable and aware of the concerns around running a small business, I can help you get your online presence working for you.

I can help design a suitable logo, strapline and website to reflect the nature of your business, your personality and the customers you want to reach. 

  • Web Design

    You know what you want, but need some help with copywriting the content as well as with the website design ideas. I can help design a suitable logo, strapline and website to reflect the nature of your business, your personality and the customers you want to reach.
  • Logo Design

    I can help design a suitable logo, strapline and website to reflect the nature of your business, your personality and the customers you want to reach.
  • Flexibility

    Another thing that scares people is that web designers seem to hold all their customers' information and don't let them have the ability to change anything, or that they are tied into you doing it forever. Some people may want to make changes themselves others may wish to go it alone - all of which I offer.
  • Content Management and SEO

    So, you're au fait with the world of digital media and feel competent about keeping your site up and running, but you're busy. I can help you to set up the site, work with copywriting and content management, design a cool website for your business and keep it optimised throughout the year, for a fixed price package.
    Talk to me about your needs and we'll come to a decision about the cost.
  • Domain Regsitration, Web Hosting and Email

    Fees dependant on size and type of site, but avaraging £50 per annum per site for hosting. Ddicated IP addresses, SSL and security all offered.
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About McQueen's

Okay, so you know you want a website for your business, but you need guidance on how to reflect the true nature of what you're trying to get over to your prospective customers.  

Creating a website for your business can open your eyes to a whole new world of digital media and perhaps you need a guide and tutor to navigate through the jungle of acronyms and technical terminology and lead you to feel comfortable with your own business website.

You're a bit at sea with the technology out there (social media - what's that and do I need it?)

We are passionate about providing excellent customer service and independent advice, coupled with competitive pricing..

Security, site management and support can be part of a whole package for you.

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Core Values

  • commercially competitive +

    We don't charge an arm and a leg. Everyone needs a hand up onto the digital ladder
  • flexibility and fairness +

    Whatever your business needs, we can fit the bill in a fair and even manner.  We collaborate with other professionals when required to meet your business needs.
  • fun, challenging +

    Yup, it's always a challenge to get the right message across, but we can make it fun!
  • customer led +

    It's YOUR business and we always tailor the package to suit your needs. We listen to you.
  • environmentally aware +

    Hosted on high quality servers, with daily back ups, in as green a manner as possible.
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Who already uses McQueen's?

  • KCLT
  • The Cud Life
  • One Stop Tutors
  • Kingston White Opticians
  • Knaresborough Chamber
  • Ambulance Wish Foundation
  • Leave Work To Travel
  • Simply Suppers
  • Sustainable Futures Report
  • Fiona Marchant Cakes
  • Jane Keogh
  • Jacob Smith Park
  • Richard Bray Studios
  • Renaissance Knaresborough
  • Rockin' Rollers
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  • Rockin Rollers -  M. Lloyd

    Rockin Rollers - M. Lloyd

    I am honestly, really pleased with the website. It has surpassed my expectations! If you're looking for a great web designer who is full of ideas and just understands what you want, but is also happy to amend until you are 100% happy you need to use this firm. Read More
  • Cooking Fantastic - T Umpleby

    Cooking Fantastic - T Umpleby

    SO pleased with our websites AND the service and support we receive, there are so many levels of web design offered by Sue from a basic page website to a fully ecommerce site. Read More
  • The Marketing Cookie -A. Thomas

    The Marketing Cookie -A. Thomas

    Sue created my sites following my needs and always understood what I wanted. When something wasn't possible, she would always find a solution and make it better than what I wanted! I recommend Sue to all my clients in need of a new website Read More
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Web Design
by Sue McQueen

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